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Austin: The Perfect Big Town + Small City

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My partner, Kathrin, and I just spent a week on the East Coast and we were reminded why we live in Austin – one of the best cities in the US. We went to Washington, DC for the HRC National Gala and was able to get a dose of big city life. Once we wrapped up in DC, we then made our way to Maryland for Kathrin’s cousin’s wedding and got a dose of small town life. Austin, to me, is a perfect blend of both of these worlds and I sometimes forget how much I appreciate these characteristics, not to mention the charm. In Austin you are sure to run into a familiar face just around the corner, be greeted by your favorite friendly barrista at the local coffee shop, and we have access to healthy food everywhere we turn. This is something I had not really appreciated prior to this trip. The locally sourced food, the attention to organic, healthy lifestyle, and having the Whole Foods flagship store right down the street are things I learned to appreciate a bit more. At the end of the day, the big town/small city feel of Austin is just the reason I have stayed here. I am grateful to have been born in Austin and now remember the reasons I’ve never left.

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I'm a fourth generation Austinite, tireless networker, volunteer and passionate activist who works with HRC, Planned Parenthood, Animal Trustees and serves as a Board President of aGLIFF. As a native Austinite, I intimately know this city unlike most. One of my favorite aspects of Austin is the entrepreneurial spirit - it's everywhere in Austin! Having successfully navigated the professional cultures of small aggressive startups to large corporate environments, I'm always looking to connect with local business owners to bring new experiences to the people I know. What I've learned from growing up and living in Austin is the opportunity to connect with interesting people is always right around the corner. Utilizing these opportunities to connect with individuals influencing this city is one of the biggest benefits of living in Austin!  I'm a Partner with Social Communications and publisher of Find me on Facebook Have a Question? Contact me.
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