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Top Gay-Friendly Neighborhood: Downtown Austin

Nov 24, 2015 No Comments by

There is no denying the power and thrill that comes with living downtown in any major metropolitan area–unlike most mid-sized cities in America, Austin’s downtown living is the crème de la crème and growing every year.

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Top Gay-Friendly Neighborhoods in Austin

Nov 23, 2015 3 Comments by

Austin is one of the most progressive, liberal, and gay-friendly places in America. If you ask a gay person in Austin where the gay neighborhood is, you’ll most likely get the response “We don’t have a gay neighborhood, the whole city is gay friendly.”

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Top Gay-Friendly Neighborhood: Clarksville

Nov 23, 2015 No Comments by

While historically Clarksville has ranked #1 on this list, it has recently stepped down from this spot. Still very desirable because of its proximity to downtown, culture, and overall walkability, this area will always remain in the top for the LGBT community searching for a progressive and accepting community. Clarksville has a glowing reputation in […]

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Top Gay-Friendly Neighborhood: East Austin

Nov 23, 2015 No Comments by

East Austin has taken over as the #1 neighborhood for the LGBT community in Austin. Because of its proximity to downtown, the hike and bike trail along the river, new restaurants from Austin’s top chefs, trendy bars, and entertainment, we’re seeing gay people buying up condos and homes on the East side.While many people relocating […]

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Austin’s Very Own Gay Forbes 500

Oct 30, 2015 No Comments

Austin is no longer just a blue dot in a sea of red, as Bob Dylan so famously sang, “the times they are changin”. More and more international heavyweights are supporting the fight in Austin to accept LGBT individuals and their fight for equal rights. Titans such as Apple who is now building its North […]

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The Gay Gems of Austin: Diamond Hotels

Sep 28, 2015 No Comments

Whether you’re visiting the great City of Austin for the glitz and glamour of Formula One or the invigorating experience of South By Southwest (SXSW); When in the blue oasis that is Austin, you need to sleep like you’re in paradise. Not all hotels are made the same, and not all hotels can cater to […]

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We Are Looking for a Real Estate Salesperson to Join Our Sales Team

Sep 13, 2015 No Comments

  We want you to be the first to know – We’re growing! The Varela-Kosarek Team at REATX Real Estate is looking to hire an experienced, energetic, results-driven real estate salesperson to join our top-notch sales team. As a licensed real estate agent for our team, you’ll work with the team leader and other team members to turn sales […]

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50+ Non-Drinking Things to Do in Austin at Night

Sep 12, 2015 No Comments

Go out, get drunk, and wake up with a hangover. Feel like your weekend routine doesn’t change and you’re going to the same places in Austin? Check out our list of 50+ non-drinking things to do in, and around, Austin! Just as a quick note – Always call ahead to make sure these places are […]

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Austin’s Gay Sports and Social Clubs

Sep 11, 2015 2 Comments

Joining a gay sports league is one of the easiest ways to meet people and build a group of friends here in Austin. No matter your athletic ability, there’s a group that will be a match and welcome you to play with their team.

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Meeting Professionals in Austin – Straight, Gay, and Progressive

Sep 10, 2015 No Comments

A few months back I attended my first Downtown Austin Urban Happy Hour. I’ve heard people talk about this happy hour and I was looking to expand my circle of friends to include a few more straight professionals, so I definitely wanted to check it out. I was a little curious how the happy hour […]

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