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Best Ways to Meet a Guy in Austin

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Not every city is the same when it comes to meeting guys and dating.  Although most guys start online or hit up the gay bars to meet someone when they first move to a city, I thought I’d share with you the best ways to meet a guy in Austin based on my experience. With Austin being such a social city, it’s best to get out and start meeting new people as quickly as possible. Here’s my list of the 6 best ways to meet a guy in Austin.

1. Through friends: Austin is a city build around friendships. Although you can easily meet guys anywhere, the best way to filter the good ones are by meeting them through friends you already know are quality guys. Out of all the long-term relationships I’ve had in Austin,  all of them I have met through my good friends. If you’ve recently moved to Austin, focus on meeting two to three quality guys that can introduce you to their friends.

Sports and Social Clubs in Austin2. Join a Sports and Social Club: If meeting people tends not to be one of your strong suits, joining a sports and social club is a great way to meet a quality guy. Once you find which team you’d like to join, you’re typically introduced to 10-20 guys on that team. From there, you just need to play nice and you’ll meet plenty of other people.

3. Get Involved and Support a Cause: Whether it’s a social, political, or anything else that ends in “al”, Austin is a city that loves to get involved. The more events you go to that are of interest to you, the more you’ll discover you’re already surrounded by a circle of friends. Whatever the cause is, this is always a great opportunity to meet a guy that shares similar interest and is passionate about similar things in life.

gay coffee shop in austin4. At a Coffee Shop: Austin is an entrepreneurial city and a lot of folks will work from a coffee shop instead of working from home. There are plenty of amazing coffee shops around town. Find the coffee shop that is closest to your house or one you really enjoy. If you go there enough, you’ll start to notice some of the same guys. If you’re uncertain if they’re gay or not, you can always hop on Grindr and see who’s around.

5. At the Gay Bars: Although heading out to the gay bars with hopes of finding your dream man is wishful thinking, it does happen. You’ll probably find him while hanging out with your friends though. It may not be the best long-term plan, but if you’re new to a city and looking to meet a man it’s a great way to jump-start your love life.

6. Online: Let us be very specific when we say meet a guy online. The reality is if you’re online, you’re not necessarily looking to date. If your intent is to find a guy to date, then let us clarify which sites are best for dating online. and are probably the better sites for actually meeting guys in Austin.  Out of the sites that aren’t necessarily the best for dating, and are a little more reputable sites among Austinites.

7. Matchmaking Service: Looking to meet a guy, but not a big fan of going out to the bars or too busy with work? Then let He’s for Me introduce you to your future partner. Austin’s first offline matchmaking service serves a niche for busy professionals looking to meet guys outside of the gay bars and not on the online websites notorious for hooking up. If you’re looking to meet your future partner, then consider contacting He’s for Me to see if it would be a good fit for you!

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