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Family Tree Dental: A Smile Can Be Your Best Asset

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Health isn’t all muscles and protein powder, have you smiled at yourself lately?  You should already do that everyday day as it is, but when was the last time you saw your dentist?  Healthy teeth mean more than just good hygiene, and subconsciously, humans take note of the mouth, teeth, and smile.

Here are some fun tips and tricks to keep your smile at it’s best in between visits, and if you are in need of a dentist (whether just arriving, or as a local) contact Family Tree Dental to schedule an appointment today.

1.  Remember that scene in Orange is the New Black when the assistant warden used a straw for her coffee?  Who wouldn’t want to keep that new whitening job looking fabulous, and using a straw allows the beverage to skip coming in full contact with your teeth.

2.  Your diet shows in your smile.  Junk food and sugar are a leading cause of numerous toothaches you’ll have to encounter with your dentist.  However, a natural exfoliant and brush assistance is fibrous foods.  Carrots, spinach, broccoli, apples, celery and lettuce actually exfoliate your teeth. They assist in preventing staining by scrubbing the enamel.

3.  If you are going to chew gum, make sure it’s without sugar, and contains xylitol.  You can also find xylitol naturally in various berries, oats, and mushrooms.

4.  Whitening Toothpaste and Floss help extend your white smile in between visits.  The key to whitening is baking soda in the product(s).  Whitening strips work, but be weary of teeth becoming overly sensitive if you use them too frequently which will defeat the purpose.

5.  Water is your mouth (and bodies) best friend.  Order water with beverages that could potentially stain your teeth.  Drink water after eating to help rinse your mouth out.

All these tips are simple and quick solutions you can incorporate without much change to your normal routines.  Remember a smile can be your best asset to lead off on the right foot.

“The shortest distance between two people is a smile.” –Unknown

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