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Thank you to Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar and RE/MAX Downtown Austin for hosting the October 2012 Gay in Austin Happy Hour. This month we took it outside as the temperatures in Austin, TX have started to cool. This was definitely the largest turnout we’ve had to date with close to 80 guests! We made made some big announcements as we shared our vision for and what we have planned for the future.

As we grow, it’s important for our readers to know our vision and share it with others. We’d like to take one more opportunity to share it with you!

1. Allow to be an Entry Point into the Community

Austin is growing quickly and people are relocating to town from all over. Although must of us like the fact that Austin doesn’t have a gay neighborhood and we’re allowed to integrate ourselves throughout the entire city, it can be confusing for people relocating from cities like San Francisco, NYC, Los Angeles, and Chicago to figure out where to live, socialize, and how to meet people. Utilizing and RE/MAX Downtown Austin will allow people to research the city, find the right neighborhood, and attend an event for professionals looking to network and meet new people.

2. Strengthen an Existing Community

Austin is on the brink of some major changes. With an already strong foundation as a city, and one of the most desirable places to live in America, we’re in a position to continue creating a place that is one of the most desirable cities for LGBT to live in. is working to connect new and established Austinites, while creating new experiences for the greater community.

3. Utilize as a Platform for Change

The common denominator among, hopefully, all of us is we LOVE Austin. Although some say that is JUST a blog, I have seen first hand that it has the ability to influence change. When you bring a group together that is passionate about change, the possibilities are endless. If the blog has the ability to influence a gay man living in France to relocate to Texas, we have the opportunity to influence more people. If the blog has the ability to bring together hundreds of new people in Austin and Austinites that haven’t gone out in years, we have the ability to connect others.

We’re just getting started and we’re confident we can use as a platform to connect, influence, and shape the city we’re luck to call home – Austin,TX!


I’d like to thank you again for helping grow the event by inviting your friends that are moving to Austin and introducing them to the blog – If you’re in the process of moving to Austin, you will definitely need to come out to the next happy hour. Our goal is to always have a unique and interesting mix of people at these events. Help us grow the Happy Hour by liking us on Facebook and inviting your friends to the next happy hour.

Here are the photos from the event and I look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Happy Hour Photos, Socializing in Austin, Things to do on Thursday

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