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iFLY Austin: Austin’s First Indoor Skydiving Center

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With iFLY opening their first indoor skydiving center in Austin, and my sister visiting town, I thought there’s no better time to see what everybody has been talking about and give indoor skydiving a try! To schedule time, all you have to do is visit their website, pick a date, your level of flying experience, how many people are in your group, pay online, and confirm your time. You’re now booked to fly in one of only twenty seven iFLY centers around the world.

Once you arrive, all you have to do is check in, watch a short video to understand the basics of indoor sky diving, get suited up, and you’ll find yourself anxiously awaiting your turn to take flight in over 90 miles per hour of wind. An amazing experience for ages 3 to 103,  you’ll find everyone wanting to give ifly a try! If you’re a teacher in Austin, or a corporate leader, iFLY even offers education field trips and corporate team building events!

When your turn comes up, all you do is fall into the wind and your instructor will guide you with some hand signals until you get a hang of how to handle indoor skydiving.  While I did the two, one minute sessions for my first time, I couldn’t help but have a little indoor skydiving envy when I saw all the advanced skydivers doing different tricks. With an offer to return at a discounted price for my second session, I was ready to start learning a few skydiving tricks.  Although my first session flew by, all that mattered was I was official indoor sky diver! All that was left was to return all the gear they provide and check out the photos you can purchase.

With a few souvenirs, and an awesome memory, I’m already looking forward to my return flight at iFLY where I can try a few new tricks!

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