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Meeting Professionals in Austin – Straight, Gay, and Progressive

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A few months back I attended my first Downtown Austin Urban Happy Hour. I’ve heard people talk about this happy hour and I was looking to expand my circle of friends to include a few more straight professionals, so I definitely wanted to check it out. I was a little curious how the happy hour would go since I didn’t live in Downtown Austin. What would I talk about with these people? Was it more like a neighborhood meeting? I really had no clue what to expect.  I recruited one of my friends to join me and we adventured to our first Downtown Austin Urban Happy Hour at Lucky Lounge.

A Really Unique Mix of Interesting People

What I discovered was a really unique blend of people. They gave us two drink tickets (enough to warm me up to start talkingto people) and had food to snack on since people were just getting off work. Once I got there and had chance to speak with a few people, I realized this event wasn’t just a small group of occupants that lived Downtown. This was a large group of folks that were passionate about Austin, people influencing the development and policies around Austin, individuals that have recently moved to town, and folks dropping by the event from outside of Downtown looking to meet new people. Now that I’m in my 30’s and looking to expand my social circle outside of the bars, this was the missing piece of the puzzle I was looking for to connect with other progressive individuals.

Variety is Good

After the first event, I decided I was going to make it a point to attend each happy hour. I  It actually worked out perfect as well – the Gay in Austin Happy Hour is the first Thursday of the month and the Downtown Austin Urban Happy Hour is the second Thursday of every month. At this point I’ve attended six Downtown Austin Urban Happy Hours. They’ve been held at different venues – from downtown bars, hotels, and restaurants. Every happy hour has provided a unique experience and introduced me to new people. The second one I attended at The Rattle Inn, I actually met a neighbor that moved into a house down the street from me and is now a good friend now. On top of that, I actually found a group of professional gay guys that are very involved with the Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association.

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

What I realized is attending the happy hour or social functions of other neighborhoods is a great way to meet like minded individuals around where you live. You don’t need to live in that neighborhood to attend. If you’re looking to meet more professionals, here’s a list of websites for other neighborhood associations around Austin. Enjoy and don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone – you never kno who you’re going to meet!

Brentwood Neighborhood Association

Bryker Woods Neighborhood Association

CANPAC – Central Austin Neighborhood Plan Advisory Committee

Cherrywood Neighborhood Association

Chestnut Addition Neighborhood Association

Clarksville Community Development Corporation

Crestview Neighborhood Association

Delwood II Neighborhood Association

Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association

Hancock Neighborhood Association

Heritage Neighborhood Association

Highland Neighborhood Association

Homeless Neighborhood Association

Hyde Park Neighborhood Association

J.J. Seabrook Neighborhood Association

Judges’ Hill Neighborhood Association

Martin Luther King Neighborhood Association

Mueller Neighborhood Association

North University Neighborhood Association

Northfield Neighborhood Association

Oakmont Neighborhood Association

Old West Austin Historic District

Old West Austin Neighborhood Association

Pemberton Heights Neighborhood Association

Rosedale Neighborhood Association

Rosewood Neighborhood Contact Team

Skyview Neighborhood Association

University Hills Neighboorhood Association

Wilshire Wood/Delwood One Neighborhood Association

Windsor Park Neighborhood Association

Search Other Neighborhood Associations 

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