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My Love Letter to Austin, TX

Feb 15, 2013 No Comments by

This was my first Valentine’s Day that I spent in a relationship… with a city.
Here’s this place: everybody wants to hang out in, live with, talks fondly about… and I have only gotten to watch this play out from afar. So now you can imagine what kind of lucky guy I feel like when I find myself in a new partnership with Austin too. And, to top it off, this isn’t just a once-a-year kind of thing – this relationship has been sweet every day for the last six months. *sigh*
As a creative dude, I find that most of my observations about why I have fallen hard for this city are usually in photo form. You got to admit, Austin’s pretty darned hot to look at. Shooting pictures of Austin’s most interesting parts has seemed non-stop from the moment we met. So today, Thursday, February 14th, 2013, I decided to photograph a couple of my favorite parts to share with you… I mean, what’s a relationship all about if you can’t shout it out loud for everyone to know, right?

Puppy in cage
Billboard for Austin Pets Alive

Awwwww... what's not to love? These folks are giving some love to the loveless.

Downtown Austin, Texas

That skyline, she's a beaut, huh?

Metal outdoor structure over shopping center

Architectural details abound in this ever-growing city...

Agave plants along South Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas

Austin is fortunate to have so much nature interspersed within the city.

Uncommon Objects in Austin, Texas

I love hunting for vintage and retro finds all over Austin.

Sandwich board out front of Wahoo's Fish Tacos says "Free High Fives"

A town where the people are groovy and they are eager to share it with others.

People viewing bats from bridge over river at sunset in Austin, Texas

So many people are stoked to share their belonging to this community - what a treasure!

So, perhaps you’re thinking now, wow, maybe I feel this way about Austin, Texas too. I believe it. That crazy back and forth of wanting the best for the one that you love, protecting them, showing them off to friends and family, bragging about their accomplishments, being proud of how they grow and mature… in fact I am pretty sure it must be love.

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This feeling that every day is a new experience isn't reserved just for us newbies to Austin, but I sure can appreciate it. This town maintains a character that is as big as Texas itself, and there's plenty of room in that self-described "weirdness" for everyone. It is with that spirit that this "art geek" now proudly calls Austin home. Originally a Southern California native, I have resided in Texas for the past twelve years. As the owner and creative lead for Killer Design TX, I am fortunate to see this city through the eyes of a design fanatic -- aesthetically and with a nod to the future development of this great community. I hope to connect with other residents and visitors here by sharing my perspective on the city's quirks and charms. Take it easy, Austin...
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