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Pre-Holiday Bootcamps Start This Weekend!!

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Let’s get you some accountability going right now to support you during the Holidays.  Get a head start on your New Year’s Resolution!

These are no ordinary bootcamps.  Assuredly, you will be working hard, and at the same time learning a systematic approach to keeping your joints and muscles in optimal condition.  I want you to enjoy your body’s fullest expression of strength, health, and alignment.  It’s personal training in a group format, a curriculum about your body and the way it interacts with other bodies and the space around you.

The first class meets at 12:00, noon, this Saturday at Zilker Park with a 20 dollar drop-in fee.  After that, you can opt into a twice-weekly bootcamp at various locations in the central area.  Please bring a yoga mat for work on the ground.

Email for more information, or contact me through Finn Deerhart.



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I have chosen Austin, TX, as my home, because I thrive here. To my clients, I am their personal trainer, life coach, spiritual counselor and friend. To myself, daily I'm finding the same boy I knew inside as a child. I look in the mirror each morning as I get ready to meet the city. The changing lines and scruff on my face have, over thirty-four years, morphed the childhood image I used to see into Finn Deerhart, the man that I think I know more and more with every new experience. I believe Austin, TX, is the perfect place to be well and develop yourself in any way you choose. The experiences in health and wellness available here can put you in touch with the same sense of freedom I have found in our beautiful city. I hope to meet you and help you on your journey! Welcome to Austin!!
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