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Austin Realtor Finds Success with Niche Business – Join Him!

Here I am, locked in a conference room, forcing myself to cold call 100 people with hopes of getting 1 lead.

Hi, my name is Bryan Kosarek. You’ve probably never heard of me before, but that’s all about to change. Let me introduce myself and explain why we need to know each other.

First off, I am a real estate agent in Austin, TX. If you’re reading this message, you’re probably a real estate agent as well. More than likely, we have the same story – We got into real estate, work(ed) for a giant box brokerage (or even a boutique firm that took all our money), wondered why we even got into real estate, and have had to do a lot of things we didn’t want to do just to get by in real estate the last few years. From open houses to cold calling, we’ve done what’s “expected” of us and we just haven’t been able to get ahead.

If you’re like me, you’ve thought at one time or another “there has to be a better, more fun way to make money in real estate.” Let me tell you, there is. Absolutely there is!

Here I am with the folks in my office, REATX Real Estate. They've been an integral part while I've been building my niche business.

Today I find myself in a unique position with unique opportunities ahead of me. For 2013, I set a goal to triple my real estate income (again, that is), expand my luxury division, and launch three new services that are completely unique to Austin’s real estate market.

I couldn’t do this as a commodity realtor. I could only do this by focusing on a niche business. For the last 452 days, I’ve been a team of one – just me, myself, and  I. I’ve relentlessly built, edited, created, attracted, planned, and shaped exactly what I want my business to look like. People are relocating to Austin by the hundreds – literally 150 people per day. As I continue to grow and expand my business, I’ve unfortunately reached the point where I need another agent to join my team.

My life has changed forever and I’m ready to change one other real estate agents life as well. There’s no reason to look back and I never plan to be a commodity realtor AGAIN! If you’re ready to change your life and career, build something for a community, increase your income, and start having fun, then all you have to do is contact me.

Please accept this as an INVITATION TO CONTACT ME. I’m only looking for ONE agent to join me. I want one agent that can match my ambition, drive, and wants to triple their real estate income as well. There’s money to be made and I have a way for your to start making a six digit income. Life is fun and your real estate career should be an extension of your life. 

Celebrating a victory of adding an additional $30,000 to my income stream

The Ritz-Carlton congratulating me with a reserve bottle of champagne

The start of expanding my luxury division and spreading my message internationally

I am looking to find that one agent that is ready for a career upgrade by MARCH 15th, 2013.

If you think this is you, send me your information and some details about yourself below. Don’t tell yourself you’ll come back to this later, because this opportunity won’t be here later.  The information you provide will be kept STRICTLY confidential and not shared with anyone!


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