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Sh*t Austinites Say – Is It True?

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If you’re considering a move to Austin, there’s no doubt you’ll come across the YouTube video “Sh*t Austinites Say.” When I view the other videos “Sh*t _____ Say” I always think…”is it really true?? Do _____ really say that?!” SO if you’re really considering a move to Austin and  haven’t seen the video, here’s “Sh*t Austinites Say” and my conclusion on if we really say that sh*t.



After 9/11, I had to get out of Brooklyn– Never heard it
What do you play? Bass. – Possibly
You did get that dog from a shelter, right? – Too true
So this is like my third start up, right? –  I wish I had more friends that said this.
All I need is some Angle Funding. – If you’re in the right circle :-X
I’m so worried about the Aquifer- How long is summer? Halfway through , expect this
There’s so gluten in it – Unfortunately, yes
You want to hear my friends band play? – Possibly?
I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual – Yah, you’ll hear that
What are you doing for South By? – Oh yah!
Sorry, I need to go take care of my dog!- Oh dog, you’ll get tired of hearing this.
You know what the best cure for a hangover is? Breakfast Tacos!- Absolutely correct! 
It’s pronounced MAINor – There’s something similar they say in NYC
Do you want to go to East Sixth? – If you’re a hipster between the ages of 22 and 30
Do you want to go to West Sixth? – If you’re 28 Years old.
Do you want to go to Sixth St? – If you’re 22 years old.
I was an extra on Friday Night Lights – haha, heard that a couple of times
This city needs more bike lanes – Probably so, but there’s plenty
It’s technically not a river. – It’s not. Try tracing it back to Colorado!
Is that rain? You’ll hear that ALLLL summer
Austin is so weird! – There’s a few weird things left in Austin. They always surprise you.
I heard Stevie Ray Vaughan use to eat here? – Never heard that. Janice Joplan on the other hand!
Tacos, Tacos, Tacos!– God I love tacos.
I think I’m going to quite my band. – Um, I’ve never heard this. Must be a straight thing.
I only drink Lone Star- Yah, it’s cheap. So what?
There’s usually a lot more bats! – Maybe once or twice

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  1. Joshua says:

    I always say “I hate South by”