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Tech Guys Who Turn It Off Are a Turn-On

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Austin will be the center of the tech world next week with DrupalCon attendees coming to our vibrant city from across the U.S. and even internationally.  With that, we know many of these out-of-town, tech-savvy gay men will be scoping out the gay scene in one of America’s LGBT-friendliest cities during their stay.  It’s easy enough to find What there is to do in Austin and When to do it, but the real challenge lies in finding out Who to do these things with.  As a certified matchmaker serving only select gay men seeking a long-term relationship, I interview eligible gay bachelors weekly, if not daily.  When men say, “I’ve lived in [insert city of residence] for 10 years.  I know every single gay man in this city,” I can guarantee them that they don’t.  The Gay Matchmaker can tell you that there are many gay men who live under-the-radar..

So who are these elusive, mysterious gay men unknown to the gay community?  “They” are the tech-savvy hotties.  The developers. The programmers. The engineers.  The smarties.  The geeks.  The Game of Thrones readers.  The Dr. Who fans.  The gamers. They are out there and they are looking for a quality man who wants a committed relationship.

Here is what they are not –  online.  They are often too smart to put themselves out there in the universe for all to see.  There’s no Facebook page, no Google search results of them, no images, no OkCupid profile, etc.  When they contact us to learn about our matchmaking services, even we, as matchmakers, can’t find a thing about them before returning their call.

While they may live online professionally, developing and launching the latest technologies in their careers, they’re often living real lives off-the-grid.  All technology turned off. But, they’re not naïve about the apps, the gay men hookup sites, or the dating sites, oh no.  They have it way more figured out that you or me.  And let me tell you: That….is….hot.

It can be a turn-off to Google a name once you’ve learned it, to then read and see absolutely everything about that person, from their high school crush, to their throwback Thursday diaper photo, to what they had for lunch just moments ago.  What’s left to learn about someone organically on an upcoming coffee or brunch date?

Men, there’s still value in a little bit of mystery.  You don’t have to put it ALL out there online. And the tech hotties that have figured that out are just as curious about you, and they don’t want to read your life story either.  Leave a little something for them to ask, to want to know, to want to learn while sitting across from you over a beer, a cocktail, or a nice espresso.

Those of us who work outside the tech industry probably can’t fully understand what these wired professionals do on a daily basis.  I, as the Gay Matchmaker, encourage you to seek these mysterious, tech-men out, get to know how they’re wired, and try to leave a bit of mystery up to the imagination for your future date.   Remember, turning it off(line) is certainly a turn-on.


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I'm the Founder and President of He’s For Me - the private, offline and personal matchmaking service designed exclusively for select gay professionals seeking a long-term relationship. As a former broadcast journalist, political director, and nonprofit CEO, I myself reached out to an offline matchmaking service as a busy professional.  After moving to Austin 10 years ago, I relied on experts to search and find quality and professional men with mutual long-term relationship goals.  I left the details to matchmakers, and would find or make time to dedicate to introductory lunch dates.  Through two years of satisfying and extraordinary introductions, and some great friendships, I finally met my match when it came to chemistry, interests, and the love of life and entertainment.  He was everything I had asked for through the matchmaking process. Combining more than 20 years in leadership, three high profile career industries, and a zest for love and happiness, I've researched, conducted confidential focus groups, interviews, and solicited the help of experts.  Together, with supporters of and pioneers in the LGBT community, I launched the one-on-one matchmaking service for gay professional men in 2012. Interested in speaking with us? Contact He's for Me
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