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Cure Your Jogging Boredom: The New Boardwalk is Open!

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I just got home from a jog around Town Lake on the east side! I’m so excited about our town’s new board walk.  After jogging the hike and bike trail for years, I’ve recently been bored with the same scene and the same parking dilemma near the Lamar and Riverside trail heads.  On a Saturday morning, it’s really exciting to be out and enjoying the trail and seeing so many other Austinites doing the same, though, sometimes, I really like a private jog.  Today, I parked in less than ten seconds of searching. I ran with my Doberman, virtually by ourselves for about forty-five minutes from Lakeshore Park to I-35, back east to the dam at Pleasant Valley and back to Lakeshore Park.  My zeal for the hike and bike trail has been renewed!  If you are looking for a change of scenery, check out the new boardwalk! It closes the gap on the southeastern part of the trail.  Check out the link and take a stroll!


Boardwalk Information // Learn About Hike + Bike Trail


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