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Top Gyms in Austin for Gay Guys

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After finding a job and a place to live in Austin, finding the right gym is next on the list for getting back on a routine in your new city. Some prefer to get in and out of the gym, while others go to enjoy the scenery. Either way, here’s a list of the best gyms in Austin where gays tend to work out. If you’re considering which gym to join, most will allow you to try their facilities for a week for free or for a small fee. When I first moved to Austin, I took the first month to try all the different gyms and see which was the best fit for me. Depending on where you live, may of the gyms below will have a location near you. But if you’re more interested in meeting new people and working out where other gay guys are, then here’s our list of gyms for you to consider. These gyms have been selected based on personal experience, input from friends, and missed connections on craigslist (insert smiley face).

1. Gold’s Gym – Downtown (Central): Since this gym is located in the heart of downtown Austin at 6th St. and Congress Ave., Gold’s Gym Downtown tends to have a larger gay clientele. Not only is it convenient for those that live downtown, it’s easy for professionals and out of towners to stop by for a quick work out. Located in the  historic Scarborough building, this isn’t one of those mega gyms and is a little smaller. Going at peak hours can be difficult, but you’re certain to see a good mix of people working out. Gold’s Gym Downtown does not offer all the extras like a pool or basketball court – but provides plenty of strength training equipment. Gold’s Gym Downtown Austin

2. Pure Fitness – Downtown (Central): Located across the street from Whole Foods Downtown, Pure Fitness Downtown is a boutique gym located in the Market District right by the Spring Condominiums. As far as the clientele goes, this gym attracts a very professional crowd. Known for spinning classes, the Pure Fitness slogan is “The Indoor Gym for Outdoor People.”  This gym provides the essential equipment for your daily exercise routine and offers plenty of classes. If you work up North, they also have a gym off Braker which provides a lot more services and equipment. Pure Fitness Gym

3. 24 Hour Fitness – Hancock (Campus/Central): 24 Hour Fitness – Hancock is located in the Hancock Center at 41st St. and Red River. With its fairly central location, 24 Hour Fitness- Hancock attracts a mix of young professionals, UT students, and empty nesters that live in the surrounding neighborhoods. Considered to be one of the larger gyms in town, 24 Hour Fitness – Hancock does offer a full range of services and equipment. From basketball courts to swimming pools and spas, this gym is the perfect mix for a gym and affordable if you’re looking for your first gym to join when moving to Austin.  24 Hour Fitness – Hancock

4. Gold’s Gym – William Cannon (South): If you like Gold’s Gym but you’re looking for a larger facility, then Gold’s Gym – William Cannon may be what you’re looking for. Similar to 24 Hour Fitness, this gym is larger and  will provide a lot more services and classes.  Gold’s Gym – William Cannon

5. Gregory Gym at UT (Campus/Central): Located on the University of Texas campus, most of the people that use this gym attend the university. However, if you’ve recently moved to Austin you may not realize Gregory Gym is open to the public. Gregory Gym is, hands down, one of the best gyms in town. Although parking may be difficult at times, this can be a nice break from the typical gym and you’ll definitely feel the motivation once you’re surrounded by UT students that have more time to work out than we do.  Gregory Gym at the University of Texas

6. 24 Hour Fitness – Braker (North): If you’re looking for a larger gym in North Austin, then you need to check out 24 Hour Fitness – Braker. Offering a lot of the same amenities as the Hancock Center location, this gym tends to attract a lot of professionals that live or work near the Tech Corridor.   24 Hour Fitness – Braker

7. Pure Fitness – Braker (North): Known as “the indoor gym for outdoor people”, this gym is one of the ultimate gyms in Austin. From rock climbing walls, indoor/outdoor cycling, and outdoor swimming – this gym provides a variety of activities that will keep your work out routine interesting. It’s also located in the Tech Corridor, so you get a great mix of professionals, folks training for different events around Austin, families and their teenagers, and empty nesters living in the surrounding neighborhoods. Pure Fitness – Braker

8. Lady Bird Hike + Bike Trail: Last but not least is the Lady Bird Hike and Bike Trail. Located smack dab in the heart of Austin, the trails offer pull up bars, sit up benches, and plenty of opportunities to work out. The eye candy is second to none and you’re not confined to the four walls of a gym. Whether you join a gym or not, make an effort to bike or run the trails twice a week. It is truly one of Austin’s gems.  Lady Bird Hike + Bike Trail

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