Visiting Austin | Gay in Austin | A Relocation Guide for Gay People Moving to Austin, TX

Visiting Austin

Ask anyone that has visited Austin and you’ll probably hear them say “I love Austin” or “that city is fun.” There’s no secret, Austin is a fun and energetic city! Whether you’re coming to hear live music, visit for a festival, or you’re just travelin’ through Texas, Austin will definitely provide an authentic experience. From the infamous Sixth Street to the Texas Hill Country views at the top of Mount Bonnell, here’s our insight if you’re visiting Austin, showing family around, and entertaining your gay visitors.

The Social Calendar

Austin is a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday kind of city. There’s always something going on, but these are the best days of the week to head out on the town.  The city will start to come alive right around 11:30 p.m. and slow down around 3 a.m. Texas law requires bars and restaurants to stop serving liquor at 2 a.m., even though most bars will stay open until 3 or even 4 a.m. When planning your social calendar, definitely take the days and times into consideration so you can plan accordingly. Even on a quiet night, we’ll provide you a sure proof way to entertain and show guests an awesome time in Austin.

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