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Thank You Lake Austin Blvd. Animal Hospital

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Every pet owner knows that day will come when their pet has to pass on – whether that’s naturally or because of other circumstances. Until that day comes, you have no idea what that’s going to look like and how you’re going to feel. Unfortunately, that day came yesterday for Dave and I to put his oldest black lab, Mojo, to rest. I’ve never had a pet that I had to put to sleep, much less a dog I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know on such a deep level. Over the last few months, Mojo had some health issues we’ve been working through to try to identify what was wrong.

Throughout the process, Lake Austin Blvd. Animal Hospital was there for Mojo and Dave, and to educate Dave when it came time to making the important  decisions for Mojo. I’ve seen a few animal hospitals and vet clinics, and most feel very sterile. The Lake Austin Blvd. Animal Hospital is situated in an old 1920’s bungalow and filled with photos and memories of the pets the doctors have loved along the way. It’s cozy and warm atmosphere made the last moments of Mojo’s doggy life as peaceful as could be. Yesterday we realized that time had come where we did not want to see Mojo suffer anymore. As we pulled up to the hospital, Dave got out of the back seat with Mojo and carried her in where they had a room waiting for us. We set her on the table in the sun filled room, they covered her with a blanket to stay warm, and we kissed and pet her as the caring staff administered the medicine that allowed her to move on and head over to the Rainbow Bridge with all the other furry pets.

The staff left the room and allowed Dave and I to spend a few more minutes with Mojo before leaving. Knowing the emotions that come with putting a pet to sleep, they didn’t require Dave to pay at that time. Instead, we stopped over to Juiceland across the street to get some fresh juice and update a few friends. After getting back to the house, Dave had to run out for a few moments. While out, Dave received a phone call that someone delivered flowers. Dave told me he was trying to think who could have possibly sent flowers that quickly. Within two hours of taking Mojo to Lake Austin Blvd. Animal Hospital, they sent a beautiful arrangement of flowers with their condolences on the loss of  Mojo. I don’t know if this is their standard procedure, but both of us were blown away by the sympathy, support, and the extra effort the staff went through to make, an otherwise sad day, a peaceful experience for all of us.

I like to give credit when credit is due and I’d like to thank the Lake Austin Blvd. Animal Hospital for all they did for Dave and Mojo during this time. You made the three of us extremely comfortable in those final moments with Mojo. It’s these moments that stick with a person for the rest of their life and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you for being the best vet clinic and animal hospital in Austin!

Dave, Mojo + Bryan


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