Working in Austin | Gay in Austin | A Relocation Guide for Gay People Moving to Austin, TX

Working in Austin

Economic globalization is prompting a new geographical entity throughout the world, the megaregion. As the global economy becomes more competitive, states and areas that have megaregions will lead the way.  Across the country, these areas will have the tools and resources to attract talent, companies, and jobs. Texas has the Texas Triangle Megaregion (Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, and San Antonio) and was identified by the University of Pennsylvania as one of the ten emerging megaregions in the United States.  Since 1895, Austin has grown each year by 3.5%. That means every 20 years Austin has doubled in population. The City of Austin is planning for a steady 3.5% population growth and expects the population to double again by 2035. As Austin attracts people and businesses with its lower business and living cost, quality of life, and progressive culture, Central Texas will see tremendous growth and opportunity in the coming years.

Finding a Job in Austin
Although Austin and the Central Texas region are experiencing tremendous growth, we highly recommend lining up a job prior to moving to Austin. Here’s a list of the best sites that you can use to find a job in Austin and the surrounding areas.
City of Austin Jobs
University of Texas Jobs
Austin Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Top Industries
Banking, Computer Equipment Manufacturing and Sales, Computer Software, Digital Media, Government, Health Care, Insurance, Professional and Business Services, Public and Higher Education, Retail Trade, Semiconductors, Tourism, Wireless Technology

Emerging Industries
Advanced Technology and Manufacturing, Energy,  Biotechnology and Life Sciences, Information and Computer Technology, Medical Device

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