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Becoming a Contributor for

First off, thank you for becoming a contributor for Being a site that is for the community, by the community it’s great to have multiple voices on this blog. I’ll try to keep this as simple as possible, there are just a few “house keeping” guidelines to run over so we can maintain the consistency ofthe site.


1. Set-up Your Profile

In order to become a contributor, I’ll need the following items to set up your profile: Short bio (example) and a photo of you. Also, please let me know in the email if you are comfortable linking your bio back to your Facebook page and if you have a work website you would like to have in your bio. Please email all of this information to


2. Learn the Basics of WordPress

If you haven’t worked with WordPress before, it’s pretty easy. I’ll walk you through the basics of how to use WordPress in this video. I recommend watching it once I’ve sent you your username and password to log on. You’ll want to watch the video in full screen mode.


3. Keep Things Consistent

Here are a few tips for keeping things consistent on

a, As far as the title goes, put something real basic. In order to optimize the page, Bryan will need to do some keyword research and put the right keywords into the title. If you want to come up with something witty, Bryan will consider it once he has a chance to review the most searched keywords.

b. Let’s try to keep the formats as consistent as possible. Here’s a sample page for you to view so you can see the use of images, headers, and links.

List Format           Article Format           Video Format

c. It’s important to remember the audience when typing a post. Your audience is the LGBT community that is relocating to Austin. Assume they know nothing. Posts should include information that will help new Austinites “find their place in town“. Whatever that means to you whether it’s a book store they’ll connect with or a list of vintage clothing stores for them to shop at.  The information should stay relavent for at least a year and not change weekly. The posts should fall into one of the following categories: living in Austin, working in Austin, socializing in Austin, wellness in Austin, shopping in Austin or visiting Austin. When in doubt, probably categorize it as socializing in Austin.

d. If you include links, click on the link image to connect the link. If you are linking to an internal page, do not check the box that says “Open link in a new window/tab”. If you are linking to an external website, do check the box that says “Open link in a new window/tab”. It’s important to keep them on the website.

<—Link image located in the upper bar in the middle


e. Use bright images as your featured image. Use original images when possible, but always give photo credit if you are using someone else’s photo.


4. Create Your Profile+ Upload Your User Image

If you haven’t created your profile yet, log in and click on profile. From there, scroll down to Biographical Info, enter your bio, and hit update profile. To upload a photo to accompany your profile, go to Once there, click on “Create Your Own Gravatar.” Enter in your email you use for your WORDPRESS account, your USERNAME that you use to log into WordPress, and your password associated with your user profile for WordPress. From there it will ask you to add a photo and upload it. It may ask you which photo you would like to associate with which email address, but it will be obvious if you have to do that.

If you’d like, can also email your bio to and Bryan will create a page for you. From there, you can tag all your post to be featured on your exclusive page. Just make sure you email Bryan and ask him to set this up.


5. Start Blogging + Get Your Voice Heard

Don’t be scared – go ahead and try your first blog! It doesn’t have to be long at all. Just try one! The more you do them, the more you will get comfortable, the better you will become, and the more you’ll connect with your audience. Don’t forget to share it on the Gay in Austin Facebook page and then share that on your person page. Amazing things happen when you share your voice and is a great platform to get your voice heard!

May you create the life you want to live, attract the people you want to know, and do only the things you enjoy doing every day! Follow your heart, share your passion, and the rest will follow.


Call  Bryan at 512-297-8242 if you have any questions! Thanks for contributing your insights on Austin and may you connect with many readers that share similar views or appreciate what you’re writing about!