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Austin Tips and Tidbits

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There’s a lot of random information we know about Austin! We’ll continually add little tips and tidbits to this list. 

SoCo, SoFi, and SoLa stand for SOuth COngress, SOuth FIrst and SOuth LAmar.

Austin sits on an inactive fault line. That’s why the hills start just West of MoPac.

I-35 is the commercial highway for Austin. It goes from Mexico up to Canada. You’ll noticed it is filled with 18-wheelers and billboards. MoPac is the residential expressway. You won’t see any large trucks or billboards along the road.

Utilize the major interior roads during rush hour. You can probably get from one side of the town to the other by using Congress Ave., First St., Lamar Blvd., Red River St., Burnet Rd., or Manchaca Rd. to name a few.

The MoPac Expressway gets its name because it follows part of the Missouri Pacific railroad line. Some like to say because it’s MoPacked than the other roads.

The roads running East to West in Downtown Austin were originally named after trees in Texas. Example, 6th St. is also named Pecan St. The roads running North to South in Downtown Austin were originally named after the rivers in Texas. These are still around today.

This article is a work in progress since we’ll continually add things to the list you need to know. If you have a tip or tidbit, send us a message and share it with us

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