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Man Flow Yoga: Yoga for Men

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Dean founded Man Flow Yoga in order to promote yoga for men. The brutal reality of the yoga industry is that most men cannot see past its portrayal in popular culture: an esoteric stretching class for females that facilitates stress relief and flexibility, but not a full workout. Even with consistent media coverage reiterating the benefits of yoga, it is still difficult to get men onto a mat.

Man Flow Yoga hopes to change all of that. With a no-frills, no-nonsense approach that focuses on increasing strength, endurance, flexibility and balance, Man Flow Yoga gets men the results that they want. Man Flow Yoga is an effective, low-impact form of exercise that can serve as the basis or complement to any fitness regime. Increased energy, reduced risk of injury and increased brain power are a few innumerable benefits.

Dean currently offers personal and group training in the Austin area, and is looking to expand his clientele. For more information on Man Flow Yoga or Dean, please visit, or contact Dean directly at (512) 931-4978.


Interested in learning a little more about Man Flow Yoga? Check out the video teaser and Man Flow Yoga poses here…

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