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Inner Sun Chiropractics: Alignment in Your Body + Your Life

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Under the care of Ron Burnett at Inner Sun Chiropractic, I’ve helped myself rehabiliate a shoulder injury that goes way back to my childhood. I use to think it would just always be a nagging area on my body.  Now, I’ve found a deeper sense of alignment, more strength, and more confidence in my posture and even my job.

I’m a trainer.  I help people move; however, movement depends upon more than muscles and exercises.  In fact, muscles won’t do what they are supposed to, often because the skeletal frame itself is not aligned.  Think about driving across the country in a car with bent wheel axles–issues at best, no road trip at worst.  Now think about yourself at the gym.  Most of the skeletal issues we have are due to our pattern movements and the positions we put ourselves in daily in addition to injuries from way back when or even beliefs we have about ourselves.  One of my clients even told me that he couldn’t stand tall with his shoulders in the right position, because when he did, his stomach would stick out.  He didn’t want others to know he was self conscious about his stomach.  Unfortunately, his posture tells everyone that he doesn’t think he’s worthy to have a healthy uplifted sternum and confident poise.  The impact for him is a sacrifice in overall health and compromised movements, and ultimately, nagging pain in his shoulder.

Dr. Ron says that chiropractic goes beyond fixing faulty mechanics.  In fact, for him it is his mission.  He says that he works so that each of his patients can find full expression of their very beings.  We can all gain from this kind of support and strength in ourselves to live as a whole individual.  What we are on the inside, we create in the outside world, and vice versa. Thank you, Dr. Ron, for helping us live fully and powerfully in our bodies so that we can express the freedom of our inner selves and thrive.

Finn Deerhart, Wellness in Austin

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I have chosen Austin, TX, as my home, because I thrive here. To my clients, I am their personal trainer, life coach, spiritual counselor and friend. To myself, daily I'm finding the same boy I knew inside as a child. I look in the mirror each morning as I get ready to meet the city. The changing lines and scruff on my face have, over thirty-four years, morphed the childhood image I used to see into Finn Deerhart, the man that I think I know more and more with every new experience. I believe Austin, TX, is the perfect place to be well and develop yourself in any way you choose. The experiences in health and wellness available here can put you in touch with the same sense of freedom I have found in our beautiful city. I hope to meet you and help you on your journey! Welcome to Austin!!
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