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Looking To Grow Your Real Estate Business in 2016? We’re Hiring!

Jul 27, 2016 No Comments by

We’re taking our Austin real estate team, and the blog that we publish, to the next level! We are looking to add one exceptional real estate salesperson to the team in Austin and we need YOUR help in finding that person. Finding the right real estate salesperson can be a difficult task , so […]

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2015 Taxes – Are You Ready?

Jan 22, 2016 No Comments by

With 2015 over, and a new year begun, now is the time to start the process of gathering together all of your tax documents, income and expense items, supporting papers, and reviewing the prior-year to ensure you are taking full advantage of tax deductions you may be entitled to. Whether you prepare your own tax […]

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Austin’s Very Own Gay Forbes 500

Oct 30, 2015 No Comments by

Austin is no longer just a blue dot in a sea of red, as Bob Dylan so famously sang, “the times they are changin”. More and more international heavyweights are supporting the fight in Austin to accept LGBT individuals and their fight for equal rights. Titans such as Apple who is now building its North […]

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Getting Involved in Austin

Sep 09, 2015 No Comments by

When moving to a new city, one of the best ways to network and meet new folks is by immersing yourself in the community. Depending on the crowd you’re looking to network among, getting involved with an organization or non-profit will introduce you to many people you may not otherwise meet at the gay bars.

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Ready for F1 Weekend? Learn about COTA’s 2.8 Billion Austin Economic Impact

Oct 30, 2014 Comments Off on Ready for F1 Weekend? Learn about COTA’s 2.8 Billion Austin Economic Impact

The Circuit of the Americas opened its doors on October 21, 2012, and ever since the beginning of its construction it has brought a great  economic impact to Austin.  Since it was announced in 2010, COTA’s cumulative economic impact on the Austin metro area has been $2.8 billion, with an average annual impact on the […]

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Say Hi at South By

Mar 06, 2013 No Comments

In today’s Wall Street Journal there’s an article by Kevin Callahan, co-founder of MapMyFitness on how to make the most of SXSW here in fabulous Austin, Texas. His three tips are . . . Come with a plan Enjoy the local scene Introduce yourself I want to focus on introducing your self. In fact I […]

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StartOut Austin: Gay Entrepreneurial Organization

Feb 13, 2013 No Comments

Austin has become a thriving epicenter of startup activity due to its accessibility, culture and maybe a little help from SXSW. In 2012 it was ranked as one of the top twenty startup ecosystems in the world by the research firm, Startup Genome, that analyzed data from over 16,000 startups.

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ZACH Theatre’s NEW Topfer Theatre – Opening Night Sept 27th

Sep 19, 2012 No Comments

T-Minus 8 days until the ZACH Theatre’s New Topfer Theatre opening weekend and I’ve heard from numerous people this theatre is phenomenal. I had a chance to see the theatre first hand and I have to say, they were correct!

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StartOut Event: Entrepreneurial Journey

Aug 29, 2012 No Comments

In a world where very few people are out at work, young adults in the LGBT community are struggling to identify leaders that are willing to invest their time and energy into building the next generation of LGBT Business Leaders. StartOut (Facebook – Website), a group that seeks to help entrepreneurs be positive role models for LGBT […]

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Austin Film Society: Will They Make the Cut to Expand Austin Studios?

Aug 16, 2012 No Comments

Neighborhood: Mueller, East Austin In four days, Austin City Council will vote on what to include in the November 2012 bond package coming up for vote on November 6th. This is the city’s first full-scale bond package since 2006, according to the Austin American-Statesman. Included in the package is money to renocate libraries, improve parks, […]

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